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  • 2015 NPC & CPPCC

    Special video coverage on 2015's NPC & CPPCC sessions.

  • Ambassadors' greetings for 2015

    Ambassadors of 30 countries to China send their best wishes for the Year of the Sheep.

  • 2014 NPC & CPPCC

    A video column covering the most important political events in China this March.

  • Building new lives

    Building new lives or demolishing old bonds? These are the questions facing planners and residents who live near Beijing's Drum and Bell towers.

  • New Year's wishes from the ambassadors

    As the Chinese Spring Festival approaches, China Daily Video invites 20 foreign ambassadors to China to share with Chinese people their new year’s wishes.

  • Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal

    As China’s only south-to-north river, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has become a legend of both glory and scars in China’s history. Discovering the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is an 18-episode documentary about a historical and cultural journey.

  • This China Dream

    This is the story of how one man set out to accomplish his China Dream in a land where opportunities abound.

  • Wenchuan 5 years

    Five years ago, on May 12, 2008, China's Sichuan province was devastated by a massive earthquake. But the people of Sichuan have refused to remain victims -- instead changing their sadness into a force to rebuild their lives.

  • Guizhou in 60 snaps

    Colors abound in Guizhou, a province in Southern China with rich tradition and culture that dates back more than 3,000 years.

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