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  • Does China have enough jobs for college graduates?

    Many college graduates often mock their graduation as a “ceremony of unemployment”. But the latest job market report from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security shows the jobs available actually outnumber job seekers. What makes it difficult for employers to recruit enough workers? And what makes it difficult for job seekers to find ...

  • Watching China’s budget

    To what extent does the public really care about amending China’s Budget Law? And, to go even future, how can ordinary people make sense of China’s budget?

  • Test the way to your future in government

    Over the last decade, the number of candidates who took part in China’s National Civil Servants Examination increased by 15 times, according to the State Administration of Civil Service. Why do more and more young people in China want to work for the government?

  • Testing times for nonresident families

    Nonresident parents in Beijing have been signing a petition to fight a policy that will continue to limit their children’s eligibility to take the national college entrance exam in the city. Digest China examines how China’s hukou and the university recruitment systems make educational fairness a tough task. ...

  • What makes it difficult for graduates to find jobs?

    While official statistics show China's available jobs actually outnumber job seekers, why do we often hear stories about college graduates unable to find jobs?

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