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  • Laowai Not: Addicted to Cross-fit

    Holly Priestland is a British girl who came China to be a Cross-fit coach. Cross-fit, which includes cardio, high-intensity training and basic gymnastic movements, is becoming more popular in China.

  • Laowai Not: Trinidad and Tobago

    Chandradath Singh, Ambassador of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to China, has been in China for two years now.

  • Laowai Not: Carry the universe

    Nicco de La Faye is from France. He has been in Beijing since late 2010. Nicco started to build his own sculpture based on a normal tricycle after he discovered that tricycle reflects strongly part of the modern life of China.

  • Stinky tofu stinks? an Iranian girl disagrees

    Stinky tofu stinks? Lan Lan, an Iranian girl who came to China to learn Mandarin, would disagree. Lan Lan has been living in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, with her Chinese husband for over four years. While she continues her study at Ningbo University, Lan Lan finds another way to learn Mandarin from hundreds of Chinese internet users. ...

  • Laowai Not: Persian patterns

    Martin, from Iran, has been in China for six years now. He has a collection of Persian rugs, and he sells them in Beijing.

  • Laowai Not: Dancing in the ring

    Chris opened a Muay Thai fitness studio in Beijing. He believes that only when you enjoy the sport can it become a sustainable thing. And kickboxing can provide a fun, exciting workout. Never thought kickboxing was for you? Well...

  • Laowai Not: Junk Beauty

    Lise comes from Holland. She has been in China for seven years. She may be the only foreigner in Beijing who is always walking around recycling areas. She collects pull tabs or textile scraps and recycles them into handicrafts, such as bags, carpets and decorations.

  • Laowai Not: Storytelling

    Once upon a time, there was an American guy called Sven. Every Wednesday night he would host a storytelling event at 4Corners bar. Every week they have a different theme to talk about.

  • Laowai Not: Indie Ladies

    Kerryn Leitch, Amy Daml and Hannah Lincoln live quite normal lives by day, and they're also the sponsors of Loreli, a website that showcases the work of new visual artists, sound artists and writers in China. While their day jobs pay their expenses, working on the Loreli website and promoting artists is what they love to do. ...

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