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  • THE WEEK Mar 11: The law won

    In 1958 a music song writer by the name of Sonny Curtis wrote a song titled "I fought the law" with a chorus chanting "I fought the law and the law won". In 1960 a band named "The Crickets" put it on their album. In 1965 it was rerecorded by Bobby Fuller in what would become one of the most famous songs in American history. Now, "I fought the law and the law won" is being ...

  • THE WEEK March 4: O...scar

    We start our show today with the biggest entertainment event of the year, The Oscars. And what a night it was for Leonardo DiCaprio who finally got his Oscar for best lead actor after being nominated six times.

  • THE WEEK Feb 26: The guard dog

    A guard dog in a Michigan airport has been circulating the web do to his oh-so-cool image. K9-Piper is his name, and he is tasked with keeping the runways and taxiways free of wildlife due to the fact that… well…. Wild animals and airplanes are just not a good mix.

  • THE WEEK Feb 19: Wildest adventure in SH

    Who likes taking those long escalators or waiting for the elevators that take forever when you can just slide down to the first floor in sixteen seconds! How can this be a bad idea? Well, Chinese netizens are scared for their lives!

  • THE WEEK Feb 5: Spring Festival travel rush

    It's Chinese New Near! Ahh yes, the one time of the year in China where 2.91 billion trips are taken over the holiday's 40-day travel season. Every year there seems to be some crazy travel story that circulates the web, every city in China hopes it's not coming from them. This year's lucky city was Guangzhou. ...

  • THE WEEK Jan 29: Go! Go! Go!

    Breaking news out of the United States of America where a dog accidentally ran a half marathon and finished in seventh place. Not bad… In Elkmont, Alabama, a town of 400 people.

  • THE WEEK Jan 22: CAT-astrophy

    It was a busy week in Hangzhou. we can't confirm that this was the same guy who spilled the McDonald's coffee, but nevertheless, a Hangzhou man sacrificed his half-a-million dollar Lamborghini for the life of a precious like kitty. The 20 year old driver was cruising down the freeway late at night in his slick Lamborghini when suddenly a cat came out of ...

  • THE WEEK Jan 15: Right man for job

    After luxury brand company Louis Vuitton's extensive search through the entire planet to find the perfect model for their spring/summer 2016 women's wear campaign, they have finally found the perfect match. It's non other than the son of Will Smith, a 17-year-old boy named Jaden Smith.

  • THE WEEK Jan 8: Guo to the rescue

    It's a new year, but that doesn't mean the world lacks in volume of crazy stories. Take this one for instance, a 21-year-old Chinese man who we assume still lives with his parents dressed himself up in a police officer outfit to prevent his dad from hiring more prostitutes. The man's name is Guo, and Guo's plan was to scare away the prostitutes with his SWAT ...

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