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  • Hong Kong’s coldest day in 59 years

    On Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong's tallest mountain, it was 2 degrees celsius early in the morning, and temperatures kept on dropping to about six degrees below freezing.

  • Fight to the finish

    Growing up watching Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan’s Movies, Vuyisile Colossa was inspired by these Kung fu stars as a teenager back in South Africa. He started boxing as a hobby, struggling in his hometown to become a mixed martial arts professional. Colossa has a number of significant wins since he relocated to Hong Kong in 2008. He settled down and started a ...

  • A student project to design micro living spaces

    Most people in Hong Kong are struggling with their living space because of the shortage of land. Students from SCAD are using the historic jail cell as the setting for a micro housing project where they have to design a complete living environment for 3-4 people in the compact space of one jail cell. SCAD‘s professor and students talk about their ...

  • Asian tourism travels far

    Mobile is changing the way people travel and the younger generation is taking up a bigger share of the tourism market. Eric Gnock Fah of Klook looks ahead to different trends in 2016.

  • Dutch journalist says Xi shows 'determination'

    Dutch journalist and author Fokke Obbema still remembers how President Xi Jinping received him when visiting the Netherlands last year.

  • Caring for the race horses

    The vets in the equine hospital are playing an important behind the scenes role in horse racing. Dr. Paul Robinson gives us a peek into the scenery behind the horse racing industry and his passion for it.

  • Retail in the family

    Sindart Shop, a traditional embroidery slipper store in Hong Kong, rebrands itself and attracts new customers online through social media.

  • Cram School - Hong Kong’s big business tutoring centers

    We take a look at Hong Kong’s extra curricular tutoring centres and ask, is it all glitz to drive this lucrative business or are they helping students succeed.

  • Hospitality sector looks to better times

    It is the Hong Kong hospitality sector’s time to shine as retail sales fall alongside drops in inbound mainland tourists, Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Lan Kwai Fong Group Jonathan Zeman says.

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