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THE WEEK May 13: Pet ratssssss

Updated: 2016-05-13
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

"Sleeping" roommates
Shopping is fun. Right, ladies? Well how about shopping for a new apartment? Oh, so stressful. And then the idea of moving. Forget about it. But then, you find the one. That special apartment you can barely afford becomes your new home. But we forget one important aspect, the roommate. Ahh, yes, and this Chinese woman who used the Chinese app Ziroom to find her Changping area apartment in Beijing had two roommates, or so she was told. The woman moved in around the first week of March, but didn't meet her roommate until April 12th when his bedroom door suddenly swung open and guess what… He was dead! That’s right, it's been reported that this woman was living with a dead guy for over a month. The woman is now seeking compensation from Ziroom for… Well I don't know… they didn't really specify what she's after, I'm guessing she's going to want her deposit back? Anyways, the next time you are shopping for a new apartment, make sure you meet your roommates.

Pet ratsssssss
Speaking of meeting your roommates, how about this guy as your next flat mate? Meet Mr. Zhou, a retired chemical plant worker from Chongqing, China. He's just you're average guy living an average life, and oh yeah, he has over 170 pet rats! Ewww… We've dug up some exclusive footage of the 72-year-old Mr Zhou dropped a handfuls of noodles on the ground to feed his pet rats. Look at all those rats. Ugghhh… Mr Zhou's neighbors asked him to kill the rodents. But of course, Mr Zhou refused saying, "I don't want to kill a living thing because, well, I'm a kind person." Mr. Zhou, may I suggest a better living area for you? Ok, What if I told you that you can rent a basement apartment in the heart In one of the greatest cities in the world. That's right, New York's subway platform! That underground metro will have all the rats you need. Check the Ziroom App for an available listing.

Nap time
Finally, we end this episode with Dai Xiang. We feel for you Dai Xiang. Reuter's news wire just featured Dai Xiang in their latest feature story. Dai Xiang is a 40-year-old Beijinger who works 72-hour shifts at a machinery company. Instead of going back to his apartment for some much needed rest, Dai Xiang just sleeps on the floor. When his boss saw the article, he said, "no problem at all!" You see here, in China, taking a nap at the office is…


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