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THE WEEK Apr 22: $90,000 kiss

Updated: 2016-04-22
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Take the wheel
Driving, the most dangerous thing that has ever been adopted in Chinese modern society is making its way to other countries. China, known for its booming export industry, has exported one of the most dangerous aspects of life, a Chinese woman driver. Now I'm not saying all Chinese women drivers are bad, I'm still waiting for the Chinese Danika Patrick to arise. But this Chinese woman is certainly NOT Danika Patrick. She and her husband were on a honeymoon in New Zealand when they decided to take a road trip to Queenstown. Sounds nice… right? Wrong. The woman bravely took the wheel and before you know it, she was banned from driving in New Zealand. Officer Darren Galbraith said, "It was good to take her off the road before she caused an accident. The consequences of her driving to Queenstown could have been disastrous." Apparently, the woman did a U-turn in front of traffic on a Highway, and then travelled in the wrong direction dodging on-coming traffic. The Chinese woman, whose name was not released, was pulled over when police saw her travelling at a speed of 60kmh instead of the 100kmh speed limit. The honeymoon went on, and rumors say the couple rented electronic scooters instead of driving the car. Good luck to ya!

$90,000 kiss
Our next story features international pop sensation Ricky Martin who might remix his hit song "She bangs!" to "She smooches!". Ricky Martin met Ana Paola Diniz this week in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where Diniz was the highest bidder at an auction for a chance to kiss the 44-year-old singer. Diniz spent $90,000 on the kiss. So with the slam of the hammer, the two puckered up and went in for $90,000 kiss. What happens next is history in the making. The innocent kiss turned into a full out French kiss as tongues twisted and saliva was exchanged. Yummy! The kiss auction was for a good cause as it was to raise awareness for AIDS. Just recently, Martin told a Mexico magazine that he's attractive to both men and women and that he doesn't believe in sexual labels. Adding, "we are simply human beings with emotional and sexual needs." You go Rick!

Chinese Superman
Finally, are you ready for another action hero movie? Because DC comics has one coming. It's SUPERMAN!!! … with Chinese characteristics. Yes that's right, the next superman is in fact Chinese. Created by Gene Luen Yang, the new Superman hails from Shanghai and is ready to save the world from the bad guys! If you’re asking what happened to the last superman, well, he's dying… It's a long story. But anyways, new Chinese superman in scheduled to begin in July. Just one thing, the spelling of the name might be a little different from the original Superman. You see, Chinese Superman loves hot pot, therefore he might just become SOUPerMan – Get it, Souperman…


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