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Laowai Not: Just like home

Updated: 2016-01-06
By Zhang Jingjing (chinadaily.com.cn)

Chris Alberti is from Boston, the United States. Combining a degree from Columbia Law School and several years working in public and corporate finance for companies like Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley, he says his background meshed perfectly with China's business culture.

Chris Alberti is all too familiar with the agony of a child faced with making tough decisions about a parent's medical future. When his father suffered blood circulation problems in 2006, doctors had to amputate part of his father's left foot, a decision that meant he would require expert medical attention daily.

After having seen his father go in and out of assisted-living centers that provided healthcare but did little to offer residents a good quality of life, Alberti began drafting plans to bring world-class elderly care facilities to China's booming population of seniors.

While this may not be the first attempt at establishing senior housing in China, he says it is the first of its kind to fuse retirement living with high-standard medical assistance.

Editor: Zhang Jingjing & Lin Hanqing
Videographer: Huan CAO & Wang Yuxi
Producer: Flora Yue


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