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THE WEEK June 5: Celebrity romance

Updated: 2015-06-05
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Celebrity romance

Move aside Kim and Kanye, get out of my way Posh and Becks, there is a new celebrity couple ready for the headlines and their star power may just eclipse the sun. Movie-star heavy weights Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have put months of speculation about the nature of their relationship to rest, confirming that they are dating with a post on Weibo. The revelation has not been without controversy, with friends of Li’s former girlfriend Zhang Xinyu accusing Fan of stealing Li - as if he were a neglected handbag and Fan an opportunistic pickpocket. Li has hit back by accusing Zhang of cheating on him, and saying he no longer wants anything to do with her. Li also said he had to “protect” Fan from these allegations, as if Fan had stolen a handbag and he was her court assigned lawyer. The happy couple met on the set of TV series The Empress of China. Fan played the title role of Empress Wu Zetian, and Li played her childhood sweetheart.

Singing for snow

Beijing has launched 10 songs to support its bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Jackie Chan lead the charge with his song Wake Up Winter! Which we can only assume is some sort of pagan spell to bring winter to Beijing. Other tracks included Kang Zhuqing's Pursuing a Dream of Snow, which some people may suggest is the only way you’re going to see much snow in Beijing – in ya dreams!

Who's behind the wheel?

German carmaker Audi has revealed its new driverless car. The next generation R8 e-tron supercar has been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics show in Shanghai. The car is able to navigate itself by collecting data from sensors. This data goes to a central control unit doing away with the need for a driver. No word yet on whether the car can swerve across three lanes of traffic at a moments notice, make liberal use of the horn and refuse to go across town at 6pm, but we’re sure the Beijing taxi model is in the works.


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