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THE WEEK Feb 27: Wearable fruit

Updated: 2015-02-27
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

The Superhuman is in China
The weekend before the Spring festival a young man in Kunming, Yunnan province fell from a third story window. The boy, through some kind of miracle, was unscathed. Doctors said he only suffered from minor bruising. He fell out of the window because the elderly people watching him were preoccupied, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he could be super human.

After winning a few Academy Awards last weekend, the hit film Birdman has created controversy in South Korea over a throwaway line by Emma Stone's character in the movie. In Birdman, Stone's character is seen in a Korean deli screaming everything smells like Kimchi. The quote has been deemed derogatory by overly sensitive Korean movie goers.

Wearable fruit
In a bid to out do fruit company Dole, Japanese produce company Kagome has created a viral ad campaign to get people to eat tomatoes during the upcoming Tokyo Marathon. Traditionally Dole has provided baskets of free Bananas during the Tokyo marathon. Not to be out done, Dole has come out with their own ad for a wearable banana. No clue if any Chinese companies will jump on the bandwagon for the upcoming Beijing marathon. Then again, the biggest question is how people will eat through their smog masks.

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