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THE WEEK June 13: Super chicken space sailor

Updated: 2014-06-13
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Ground control to Major Tom

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba will now be taking preorders for tickets to outer space. Alibaba’s Taobao.com is working as the exclusive broker for the Dutch Space Expedition Corporation also known as SXC. Tickets cost upwards of $96,000 and come with a catch. All would be astronauts need to be 18 or older, in good health, and be able to pass astronaut training. So far there isn’t a set date on when SXC will launch their first commercial flight.

Finger licking good!

A truck carrying about 10,000 chickens to market caught on fire near Suizhou, Hubei province. The driver of the truck was able to free some of the birds but most of the animals went up in flames with the truck. While it might seem like a macabre tale, the cooked birds were given out to the local people for food.

Princess, Transform!

Japanese stores will soon be stocking a perfume inspired by a popular Japanese Animation. Bandai in Japan will be releasing a perfume based off the action, romance, comedy series, Sailor Moon. In Sailor Moon a young woman learns that she is the moon princess. She and her friends transform into sailor outfit wearing women that fight crime by moonlight. No clue if the new perfume will grant crime fighting abilities. Bandai’s new Sailor Moon perfume is available now for preorder for about $54

Director: Sun Tianyuan Graphic Design: Zhang Xiao
Videographer: Cong Ruiting Managing Producer: Andrew Xing
Producer: Eric Jou Executive Producer: Flora Yue
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