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THE WEEK May 30: Football, Hogwarts & breakfast

Updated: 2014-05-30
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

World Cup flubs

With most the world gearing up for FIFA World Cup, it seems that the country where the game is known as soccer is getting into the action as well. Leading into the World Cup is the European championships and the US' ESPN sports network is covering it all. Unfortunately for the self proclaimed "the worldwide leader in sports", their newscasters don't really understand soccer. Newscaster Lisa Kerney had trouble on air trying to explain the number of wins between Madrid Based teams Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

Hogwarts in China

The fictional Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry might finally be real after the construction of the animation wing opens at the Hebei academy of fine arts. The school built a giant European style castle with towering spires and giant walls. Many people have dubbed the building the Hogwarts of China. Though it may have that moniker, the school probably won't be graced by the likes of Ron, Harry and Hermione.

Breakfast with Paris
Chinese actor and "singer" Huang Xiaoming, maybe best known for his roles in Chinese action films, however there is one incident that he will never live down, singing during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Huang who, supposedly speaks English, became some what of a laughing stock after his terrible rendition of the one world one dream song. So it came to netizens attention recently when he was spotted in Shanghai having breakfast with hotel heiress Paris Hilton. People are now questioning how the duo conversed during their meal, as Hilton doesn't speak mandarin.

Director: Sun Tianyuan Graphic Design: Zhang Xiao
Videographer: Wang Yuxi Managing Producer: Andrew Xing
Producer: Eric Jou Executive Producer: Flora Yue
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