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Half my life in China

Updated: 2014-04-16
By Sun Peng (chinadaily.com.cn)

Frances Fremont-Smith, known in Chinese as Fan Wanzhen, came to China in 1978. After finishing her course work at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she decided to stay in China rather than go home. During the ensuing thirty-six years, she witnessed great changes in China and did various jobs to promote bilateral mutual understanding between China and the U.S., along with all the things related to the development of China.

Fan Wanzhen married her husband, Jia Lijun in 1982, and now they are living in Beijing. Having been married for almost 32 years, she still feels excited and sweet when recalling fond memories.

Now she is the executive director of a United Family Hospital foundation. She said she hopes medical assistance will be provided to underprivileged people living in remote areas of China through WebEx technology one day.

No matter where the future will bring us in this fast-changing world, she said, "there is no question that China will always be our home." This is her story.


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