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Children Drum revival in Beijing

Updated: 2013-08-29
By Wang Yuxi (chinadaily.com.cn)

The “Children Drum Association”, located in Longquanwu village, Mentougou District, was reunited in 1932. The association has been passed down generation by generation. Now it’s the eleventh.

The “Children Drum” has become a traditional folk art. It is a combination of choreography, music, and martial arts. The children dance and beat the cymbals, accompanied with drums by adults.

Having a unique set of artistic features with a long tradition, the Children Drum enriched the culture in every period of Beijing’s modern history. It has also become a living encyclopedia for studies of Beijing’s history, folklore and folk arts.

Video: Wang Yuxi & Cui Lingyu
Videographer: Wang Yuxi, Cui Lingyu & Xu Huiyan
Translator: Cui Lingyu
Voiceover: Sun Tianyuan
Production manager: Xing Xudong
Producer: Flora Yue


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