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Wenchuan 5 years

New school in quake town has students smiling

Updated: 2013-05-10
By Huan Cao (chinadaily.com.cn)

Hongbai Primary School was completely destroyed in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake.
The school was located just 10 kilometers away from Yingxiu, Sichuan province, the tremor's epicenter.
All of the school buildings collapsed. Nearly 160 students and seven teachers were buried under the rubble.
After the quake, Beijing partnered with Shifang, a city 40 km from Hongbai town, to rebuild the school. By the end of 2009, construction of the new school was finished. They named it Bo'ai Primary School, which means universal love, to show their gratitude to those who helped bring things back to normal.
The school's principal, Wu Chenglin, said new equipment in the school and instructional sessions with teachers from Beijing and Hongbai are contributing to the students' education.
From the looks on the children's faces and the sounds of their laughter, it would be nearly impossible to tell that just a few years ago this land and their school was devastated by a massive earthquake.
Bo'ai Primary School is not just a replacement building to cover up past devastation. It is a symbol of hope, happiness and the determination of the residents of Hongbai.
Video: Huan CAO
Producer: Flora Yue

Wenchuan 5 years

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