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  • A rare glimps of Beijing: 60 years ago

    Rarely-seen sand-table model of Beijing city from more than 60 years ago is under repair as part of the local archive authority’s efforts to preserve and protect old Beijing culture from July to September 2013.

  • Ancient paper-making skills still alive in Guizhou

    What would the world be like if paper weren’t invented?Fortunately, we don’t have to struggle for the answer.

  • Uygur language study: a new trend

    Xinzhou Training School launched its Uygur language program in 2010 in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. Now more than 2,000 students are enrolled in the program. The youngest student is 6 years old.

  • American folk feels Chinese vibes

    After learning to play the Chinese zither while on a mission in China, Eric Chipman strung together Matteo, a classical American folk band that plays with traditional Chinese instruments.

  • Historic Chinese Literature in Reality

    The 36-episode TV series based on the Chinese classic novel "A Dream of the Red Mansion" was filmed in two months on a lot in China's Hebei province.

  • China's royal Gaocheng lanterns

    Legend has it that when one emperor passed through the city of Gaocheng, he was so impressed with the lanterns hanging there that he brought them to decorate his palace. That's why the lanterns of Gaocheng are called palace lanterns.

  • Traditional art form takes on modern value

    Dustpan painting is a style that expresses an exaggerated or distorted version of life with a hint of local flavor.

  • Alive with color

    The rich detail on China's ancient architecture is becoming a lost art. The life of Wang Zhongjie, a 79-year-old Beijing native, is intertwined with these rich strokes of gold, blue and red. He is the master craftsman among his sketching pencils and vivid paints.

  • Velvet bird of old Beijing

    The velvet bird is an ancient Chinese art form that originated in Beijing. Once a craft mastered by many, few people in China have the skills to create them. One of those people is Cai Zhiwei.

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