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  • Sacrifices of hardened highway hands

    Remote workers have to endure extreme conditions — frostbite, altitude sickness and sunburn — to maintain the lifeline road, Qinghai-Tibet Highway.

  • China's culture in a cup

    History, tradition and nature are all blended together in Chinese tea, making it one of the country's most important and iconic products.

  • Where qipao is still in vogue

    When Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai's movie, In the Mood for Love, hit the big screens in 2000, the 20-some pieces of qipao presented by the leading actress, Maggie Cheung, inevitably made the scene. Has it ever made you wonder where to find something as graceful and gorgeous? At Ruifuxiang, you may get your answer. ...

  • The Zhongshan suit: Timeless Chinese style

    Hongdu, a time-honored brand in Beijing, is widely recognized as the best Zhongshan suit manufacturer.

  • Lianqiao Meal lives on in Beijing

    For nearly 200 years, Lianqiao Meal has been celebrated in Hairou district of Beijing.

  • Touch of health

    What does one do if a small child doesn't want to eat - or wakes up a lot in the night? Some parents may rush their children to a pediatrician, while for many Chinese, the answer will be a traditional Chinese massage therapist- kneading therapy.

  • Education crisis: Kids find abacus a total alien object

    The abacus is an ancient calculating method with a history of over 2,500 years. It is regarded asthe fifth invention in Chinese history and was listed as a national-level intangible cultural heritagein 2008.

  • 2013 WTCF Beijing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit

    Proposed by Beijing and jointly sponsored by many world tourism cities, WTCF is a non-profit international tourism organization with cities as the main body, and put its headquarters in Beijing permanently.

  • Children Drum revival in Beijing

    The “Children Drum Association”, located in Longquanwu village, Mentougou District, was reunited in 1932. The association has been passed down generation by generation. Now it’s the eleventh.

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