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  • Establishment of Sansha city improves local lives

    In 2012 China built Sansha city to administer the islands and their surrounding waters in the South China Sea. Over the past two years, the city has set up all the political structures and also pushed forward more than 30 infrastructure projects.

  • Strong quake rocks SW China

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang set out on Monday morning for the epicenter of a powerful earthquake that rattled the southwestern province of Yunnan, leaving at least 373 people dead and 1,801 others injured.

  • Foreign Ambassador's Views on China-Latin America Relations

    President Xi Jinping will attend a BRICS summit on July 15-16 and visit Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba from July 17 to 23.

  • Sichuan biogas program bags global energy award

    One of the world's most prestigious environmental prizes has been awarded to Sichuan Poor Rural-Household Biogas Development Program in Beijing on July 10.

  • Cooking for the Premier and the PM

    Preparing food for Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to British Prime Minister David Cameron has made stars of British twins of Chinese ancestry.

  • Tourism expo hot in Beijing

    Starting June 27 at the China National Convention Centre, the three-day Beijing International Tourism Expo continues to present a international showcase of destinations, tourism attractions, travel packages, products and services.

  • Sino-Argentine gala in Beijing

    It was an amazing mix of cultures as the Exhibition of Arts and Culture: Argentina-China opened on June 24 in Beijing.

  • Terrorists using Internet to plan attacks

    Terrorist groups are using the Internet to recruit people, raise funds and plan attacks in China, the State Internet Information Office (SIIO) said in Beijing on Tuesday.

  • Unleashed anger! Dog-eating patriots defend themselves

    An annual festival, slated for June 21 in Yulin, celebrates a local tradition of eating dog meat hotpot and lychees and drinking strong liquor on the summer solstice. But the festival has been shrouded in controversy over alleged animal abuse.


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