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  • Xu Naiqing crowned Miss Universe China 2014

    The final contest of SIYANLI Miss Universe China 2014 was held at Shangri-La Hotel and Resort, Pudong, on September 13. YueSai Kan, the Chairwoman of Miss China and 14 shortlisted beauties, joined with more than 600 distinguished guests graced this event. 

  • Brainpower under 25

    The Internet has given Chinese in their 20s great opportunities to start their own business and strike it rich - young CEOs like Liu Xianran and Yang Baotong set up the models.

  • Beautiful China Tour - Guangzhou

    A five-day visit to Guangdong province by journalists from countries situated along the maritime Silk Road presented an open and dynamic region with both historical and modern charms.

  • Beautiful China Tour - Yantai

    Photographers and journalists from major Asian media organizations gathered in Yantai for a four-day interview tour of the coastal city.

  • Yellah Fellah

    Yi Ban Yi Ban, or Yellah Fellah, is an exhibition by three Australian contemporary artists who are exploring their mixed indigenous and Chinese heritage.

  • Hu Yongyan: China’s classical maestro

    Mr. Hu is the Artistic Director of the EOS REPERTOIRE ORCHESTRA -China's Orchestra Academy at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing and is highly appraised by people for his numerous popular productions of classical music, operas, musicals and film

  • Beautiful China Tour - Guizhou

    Photographers and journalists from major Asian media organizations started their Beautiful China Tour from Guiyang.

  • Wang Shuo: Hutong is like a forest

    Wang Shuo, 33 years old, started the practice of META-Project with partner Zhang Jing and Max Fu in 2009.

  • Zhao Yang: Adapting to the local life

    Zhao Yang's office is located in Dali. He has two partners, Li Ye and Wu Zhou. All three of them went abroad to study, and all returned to contribute what they learned.


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