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  • Q&A with president of Infiniti

    Roland Krueger, president of Infiniti Motor Co Ltd, spoke to China Daily about his vision, strategy and new opportunities for Infiniti’s China operation.

  • India seeks for better ties with China

    Ashok Kantha, India’s ambassador to China, explains why India seeks for a better relations with China.

  • Exclusive interview with Ambassador of Rwanda

    Rwanda is achieving the goals set by "Vision 2020", said Lieutenant General Charles Kayonga, Ambassador of Rwanda to China during an exclusive interview with China Daily Video in June 2015 in Beijing.

  • A shining UK-China alliance: Lord Bates and his charity

    Lord Michael Bates, who is a British Home Office Minister, will send the photos he takes during a 1,000 miles charity walk from Beijing to Nanjing to the photo contest. Walk for Peace, Lord Bates' long distance walking journey, is aimed at raising funds for Red Cross China.

  • Czech ambassador: We are ready

    Libor Secka, the Czech Republic Ambassador to China, shared his enthusiasm for a new direct flight between the Cezch Republic and China during an exclusive interview with China Daily.

  • More Latvian food product enters China

    Latvia’s food export to China began with wild blueberries. Soon there will be fresh dairy products directly from Latvian farms to the Chinese market. Latvian Minister of Agriculture Mr Janis Duklavs explained the untold stories behind this major deal and possibilities of enjoying a world- famous Latvian lager beer just at your store next door. ...

  • Exclusive interview with the UAE Ambassador

    The United Arab Emirates is becoming an increasingly important partner for China, with the Middle Eastern nation’s active participation in the One Belt, One Road initiative and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a founding member, said the country's top diplomat to China.

  • Team USA plays big in "Meet in Beijing Arts Festival"

    As the most featured country of this year’s festival, U.S. will bring a team of extraordinary artists to China. Lisa K. Heller, Deputy Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, joins China Daily’s Big Talk, explaining the highlights of this festival, as well as her personal favorite artists. ...

  • 'A pair of jeans cost 150% of monthly salary': Life before independence

    Lithuania has marked the 25th anniversary of its declaration of independence from the Soviet Union amid warnings that its freedom could once again come under threat.

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