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  • Ambassador with a mission

    In the face of global change, China and New Zealand, which are both influential countries in the Asia-Pacific region, share broad common interests in tackling global challenges. China Daily reporter Xing Xudong sat down with New Zealand's ambassador to China, Carl Worker, just a few days before the start of China's NPC and CPPCC meetings. ...

  • Latvia looks forward to China's new leadership

    Frequent high-level visits between China and Latvia have fostered growing political trust, expanding cooperation and a stronger friendship between the two countries.

  • Ambassador: China-Denmark ties stronger than ever

    For over 62 years, Denmark and China have enjoyed good bilateral diplomatic relations. Denmark was actually one of the first western countries to establish diplomatic ties with China.

  • Exclusive interview with Cuban expert

    Rolando Perez Rodriguez, vice-president and deputy general manager of Beijing-based Biotech Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, had an exclusive interview with China Daily in Beijing.

  • Bulgaria, the hometown of yogurt

    Delian Dobrev, Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism of Bulgaria, sits down with China Daily for an exclusive interview to answer the questions in Beijing on November 19, 2012.

  • ROK ambassador on Sino-Korean ties

    Lee Kyu-hyung, the Republic of Korea's ambassador to China, sat down with China Daily to discuss the upcoming 20th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-Korean diplomatic relations.

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