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  • Laowai Not: Basketball Dreams

    Nick Bedard, from Canada, is the editor-in-chief of Basketballbuddha.com. Started in 2012, Basketball Buddha covers basketball Asia with a Western touch.

  • Laowai Not: Fashion geek

    Anina Net, from the US, is an international model with a passion for technology. She founded the 360Fashion Network in 2005.

  • Half my life in China

    Frances Fremont-Smith, known in Chinese as Fan Wanzhen, came to China in 1978. After finishing her course work at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she decided to stay in China rather than go home.

  • Love and bagels in Beijing

    Expat entrepreneur Julian Travlin had the tasty idea of making top-quality bagels.

  • Follow me @beijingemily

    Emily, 24, an American girl living in Beijing, spends much of her time bike riding through the city's hutong and snapping photos with her smart phone. She uses a photo-sharing application called Instagram, on which she has an audience of more than 73,000 people.

  • Beijing's salsa royalty

    He considers himself a Beijinger and she's a dancing queen, together the Philippine couple teaches Latin dance to an integrated group of young Chinese and foreigners.

  • Stock photography in China

    Shannon Fagan came to China in 2010. The 37-year-old American was a commercial photographer back in the US, but because of the economic downturn he decided to move his business to China.

  • Ex-pats get the Spring Fest on

    Two long-time expatriates discuss the experience of spending the Spring Festival with the families of their Chinese wives.

  • Kiwi gets a slice of China

    Jade Gray is from New Zealand. During the 15 years he has lived in China, he has worked as a ski instructor, owned a fitness center, been program manager on a farm, and ran a nightclub. Now, he is the co-founder of Gung Ho! Pizza factory.

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