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  • LAOWAI NOT:A taste of Italy

    Fabio Falanga, from Italy, has been in Beijing for 6 years, he had an interest in Chinese culture long before he came to China.

  • LAOWAI NOT: It's not about Vodka

    Charles Lavoie-Nadeau is a 25 year old French Canadian, from Quebec City. He has been moving back and forth between Canada, China and Mexico since 2011, and is now established in Beijing for 18 months.

  • LAOWAI NOT: Rory "THE VICIOUS" van den Berg

    Rory van den Burg came to China five years ago. Working for a finance company in Beijing, he is also a Muay Thai coach at a local boxing club, Muay Thai and Boot Camp Fitness gym.

  • LAOWAI NOT: Kim with the mission

    Kim Chuenkun is the director of the Korean Cultural Center in Beijing, a government

  • Laowai Not: Xiaolong, the little dragon

    Sean McClure, from the US, came to Shenyang, China for the first time after he graduated from high school. In Shenyang, McClure spent a year studying in a local high school to learn Chinese.

  • Laowai Not: Paint to change

    Guillermo Munro Colosio is a Mexican-American artist who calls himself Memuco.

  • Laowai Not: Acrobatics is my life

    Brazilian acrobat Guilherme Sampaio Dias came to China three years ago to learn study his trade at the prestigious Beijing International Art School. In Brazil he had worked in a circus but he wanted more out of life.

  • Cuban scientists live and love

    For the last three and half years, Rolando Pérez Rodríguez and his wife, María Isabel González Rodríguez, have helped in China’s fight against cancer and managed to fall in love their new home along the way.

  • Staying in tune with China's music scene

    Influenced by his favorite uncle, Nathaniel was interested in China from an early age. He came here in 1999, intending only to stay for a couple of years. He now has a music company here, with offices both in Shanghai and Beijing. What kept him in China for so long? How is he contributing to China’s music scene? ...

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