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  • Laowai Not: New shoes new attitude

    Koen Naber is a 32- year-old Dutchman who owns a shoe shop in Beijing. He came to the city four-and-a-half years ago having always dreamed of starting his own company. After a year of working in China as a lawyer, Koen quit his steady job and started his shoe business.

  • Laowai Not: Stand-up comedian

    David teaches at Beijing No.12 middle school. He has been in China for over two years now. In his spare time, David does stand-up comedy in a local club.

  • Laowai NOT: Choir crosses borders

    Ekaterina Ilyakhina, from Russia, founded the Hand-to-Hand Chorus in Beijing. The Chinese singers in the chorus don't speak Russian, and she doesn't speak Chinese.

  • LAOWAI NOT: B for Bookworm

    Peter Goff became involved with the Bookworm several years ago and now runs three branches of the bookshop/library/restaurant. Here is his story.

  • LAOWAI NOT: Dance with your heart

    Rossana came to China when she was 16. She learned a lot about China living with the local Chinese. She is currently working as a a Latin dance teacher and also a performer.

  • LAOWAI NOT: An Aussie's China Dream

    Australian Rebecca Williams has been in China for 12 years. She liked singing when she was younger but never thought it would become her career.

  • LAOWAI NOT: My life in China

    Inma, Gonzalez Puy, from Spain. She came to China in 1979, when China was just starting opening up. Inma witnessed China's rapid development over the 3 decades.

  • LAOWAI NOT: A global citizen

    Timothy Khang is a Korean-American, born in South Korea and educated in America.

  • A story of wok and flame

    Michael has been in Beijing for almost a year. He is learning Chinese language at Beijing Institute of Technology; meanwhile he is also learning how to cook authentic Chinese food.

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