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  • Play your way to fitness

    Simon Frederic came to China more than ten years ago to learn kungfu. Since then, he has opened a martial arts club of his own, teaching self-defense.

  • Laowai Not: Nee how ma!

    Andreas Laimboeck founded LTL Mandarin School, where the coursework is not just to learn Mandarin, but to explore China and get to know in an entirely new culture and environment.

  • Laowai Not: Curry up and eat

    Laxman Hemnani and his wife, Hetal, are from India. They’ve been in China for almost ten years. They own Ganges, an Indian restaurant chain with five branches in Beijing.

  • Laowai Not: Fixed in Beijing

    Ines Brunn is a pioneer in China's fixed-gear bike scene. The 37-year-old German opened a bike shop in 2009 to encourage more people to ride this up-and-coming style. Brunn still spends most of her time promoting fixed-gear riding. Her message is clear: Riding is good for personal health and for the environment. ...

  • Laowai Not: One African's kung fu dream

    Luc Bendza has been in China for more than 30 years. Inspired by Bruce Lee's movies, he came as a boy to China to learn martial arts.

  • Laowai Not: Impact in China

    Simon Kubski co-founded We Impact, a company that promotes sustainable living in China.

  • Laowai Not: Painting for nature

    Guillermo Munro, who signs his art with the name Memuco, is a Mexican-American painter currently living in Beijing. In 2003, Memuco decided to use his art to help protect the environment. As a painter, Memuco started to paint on cardboard and other used materials to avoid wasting paper.

  • Laowai Not: Breathing bike

    Matt Hope is an artist from the UK. Living in Beijing for five years, he has observed the extreme environmental conditions. As an installation artist, he invented a bike to generate clean air for its rider.

  • Laowai Not: Living animation

    When Brian Dowrick arrived in China, he planned to stay for three months. Intimidated by culture shock, he changed his expectation to three weeks. That was five years ago. Dorwick now owns his own animation studio in Beijing – Eclipse Studio. He also opened a school to teach Chinese people how to become animators. ...

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