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  • THE WEEK May 29: Wanna fight?

    To Australia, where a large Kangaroo has been terrorizing the residents of a suburb in Brisbane, the country’s third largest city. The Kangaroo, who has been given the totally Kangaroo appropiate name of Dave, is two meters tall and weighs 95kg.

  • THE WEEK May 22: Chinese Romeo & Juliet

    An ancient family fued with its origins in the Qing Dynasty is continuing to cause problems for young lovebirds in Xintang, a township in Guangdong province.

  • THE WEEK May 15: The bandit's back

    McDonald's character the Hamburglar is back, but he's had a bit of a makeover. Instead of the cartoonish convict generations of children have grown up with, the new incarnation of the character has been given a modern, hipster edge.

  • THE WEEK: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

    The United Kingdom's Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge better known as Kate Middleton have welcomed their second child, a daughter.

  • THE WEEK Apr 24: Wooden spoon ping pong

    Hello and welcome to China daily’s The Week, your source for all the news you don’t need. This week, we bring you a wooden spoon ping pong match.

  • THE WEEK Apr 17: Un-un-un-unbelievable

    This episode, is the last episode for our intrepid host Eric Jou. We bring you a story about sandstorms, Singaporean sitcoms and the most influential person in the world!

  • THE WEEK Apr 10: Creepy hero kungfu

    This episode, we bring you a look at the creepy side of tomb sweeping, kung fu rugby, and Big Hero 6 in Beijing.

  • THE WEEK Apr 3: Nerdy drifty prank

    This Week, we bring you a tale of a crow and panda, a crazy Malaysian driver, and 79-year-old male model!

  • THE WEEK Mar 27: Go Maple Leafs

    Hello and welcome to another installment of China Daily’s The Week. This episode, while short and sweet is chock full of fun times.

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