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  • THE WEEK: Long live the panda! This is not Sparta!

    The Beijing Police Department last week confronted and defeated a large group of too-sexy-for-shirts foreign men dressed in capes, harnesses, hot pants and strappy sandals – someone's idea of Spartan battle-wear.

  • THE WEEK: Whataburger! Whatalaw!

    It's no secret some Americans love their guns. Some states have gone so far as to pass laws that allow people to openly carry guns. Whataburger — which has some 780 locations in 10 states — says its customers don't feel safe with people dining with guns strapped to their waist.

  • THE WEEK July 17: The Knight, The Drunk and The Wench

    A 22-year-old mn is facing theft charges and resisting arrest after he tried to steal and run off with a sword at a renaissance festival in Colorado, during a jousting performance.

  • THE WEEK July 10: Keeping up with the monks

    The famous Shaolin Temple will be filming a reality show. Nine lucky kids aged 4 to 9 will be featured on the show, learning martial arts, medicine and zen with the monks.

  • THE WEEK July 3: Love wins

    Last week marked a historic moment in the United States when the country's supreme court ruled that gay marriage was legal in every state of the union. People around the globe celebrated the win for equality and the Internet exploded in a huge rainbow of happiness.

  • THE WEEK June 26: Beancurd beefcake

    Chinese netizen's got a little hot and heavy recently when pictures of a particularly attractive beancurd seller in Taiwan went viral on the Chinese Internet.

  • THE WEEK June 19: Disney double-ups

    In Chongqing, government officials have discovered a farmer using a Qing Dynasty sword as a kitchen knife making 60-year-old Yi Shouxiang the most badass cook in China.

  • THE WEEK June12: Matter of trust

    Sometimes it’s best not to test people – you might not like what you find. Sesame Credit recently funded an experiment in which two convenience stores, a Vanguard store in Hangzhou and an AMPM store in Beijing went completely staff free, customers were asked to pay for their goods on an entirely trust based system. Someone should tell Sesame Credit that ...

  • THE WEEK June 5: Celebrity romance

    Movie-star heavy weights Fan Bingbing and Li Chen have put months of speculation about the nature of their relationship to rest, confirming that they are dating with a post on Weibo.

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