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  • THE WEEK Oct 23: sexiest woman on earth

    Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke's gorgeous looks earned her the title of sexiest woman alive.

  • THE WEEK Oct 16: Something long and complicated

    A man in London named William Wood decided to change him name to just that, "Mr Something Long and Complicated". Somewhat surprisingly, he didn't run into too much trouble with his new name until his Facebook account was closed.

  • THE WEEK Sept 25: Married? Divorced?

    The 67th annual Emmy Awards took place over the weekend. To no surprise, Game of Thrones brought home most of the hardware. But the real winner of the night was Terrence Howard.

  • THE WEEK Sept 18: V for Vivienne

    If you thought anti-establishment fashion icon Vivienne Westwood was in danger of losing her edge, think again. The 74-year old punk legend recently made headlines when driving an armored tank to the doorstep of UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

  • THE WEEK Sept 11: Hardcore pillow fight

    The pillow fight is a West Point Academy that goes back decades and it’s actually pretty fun to watch. But this year, some of these brainiacs got it in their heads to stuff the pillowcases with helmets and other solid objects.

  • THE WEEK Aug 28: Waste not want not

    First up, a woman has drunk an entire bottle of cognac in Beijing airport after being told that she would not be able to take the $200 bottle through security. However, after drinking the Cognac the woman, surnamed Zhou was so drunk she was rolling on the floor and yelling at passersby.

  • THE WEEK Aug21: All Blacks put safety first

    There is only one thing creepier than a wax works museum, and that's a really bad wax works museum. And one of the worst would have to be the museum in Huayingshan, Sichuan province, which has recently drawn wide attention in China with it's somewhat questionable celebrity reproductions.

  • THE WEEK Aug 14: Eat, drink & travel

    More than 100 people took part in a beer-drinking contest in Wuhan, Hubei province. But this was no ordinary beer-drinking contest. The contestants had to drink four bottles of beer from a basin.

  • THE WEEK Aug 7: Battle in school

    Chinese teachers have travelled to the United Kingdom to teach British kids Chinese style. The cross-cultural educational experiment was for a BBC documentary called Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School, suggesting the Brits think Chinese teachers are pretty tough, and they are! British students were subjected to rote learning, long school days ...

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