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  • THE WEEK Dec 25: Big mistake

    STEVE HARVEY! You were selected from a list of highly qualified game show hosts to be the presenter of Miss Universe 2015. You were the man, you got to stand up there and be surrounded by beautiful women all day. They smiled at you and you smiled back. But then you messed up, you really messed up. You had one job, and that was to read from a card. Once you failed to do ...

  • THE WEEK Dec 18: Meow Mayor

    The temperature is getting cold here in Beijing so it's only right that we begin our broadcast with news from west Siberia.

  • THE WEEK Dec 11: Red alert

    After weeks and weeks of heavily pollution, the day has finally come. For the first time since air quality control measures were instituted in March, the city of Beijing has issued a RED ALERT. So this means Don't drive (well, some cars can drive), don't barbeque (restaurants will stay open), don't work (well, some people can work, as long as they work a ...

  • THE WEEK Dec 4: Look like a billionaire

    Ma Yun, the founder of internet giant Alibaba is a billionaire who's company taobao.com recently facilitated one of the biggest retail days in history, so it seems unlikely he's moonlighting as a security guard in Chengdu. However the internet has recently gone wild for pictures of Ke Quanshou, a Sichuan security guard with a remarkable resemblance to ...

  • THE WEEK Nov 27: Anti-terrorist cats

    The people of Belgium flooded social media with pictures of cats to confuse any would-be terrorists.

  • THE WEEK Nov 20: Beijing inhales world record

    Beijing has been suffering from massive smog effects recently. But don't hold your breath, because the great people of Beijing have come together to great a Guiness World Record for the biggest "healthy" lung.

  • THE WEEK Nov 13: Singles shopping

    Across China delivery men are in the midst of their busiest time of the year as they hurriedly deliver the millions of packages of goods bought on Wednesday, better known in China as Singles Day.

  • THE WEEK Nov 6: Jessica Rabbit and super dogs

    Well I hope everyone had a happy Halloween because supermodel Heidi Klum sure did.

  • THE WEEK Oct 30: Happy Halloween

    Earlier this week 500 Storm Troopers, could be seen standing in motionless formation on the Great Wall, we can only imagine what the people who originally built the Wall hundreds of years ago would have thought had they seen the scary statues.

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