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  • The people of Jiuzhaigou

    You Zhong Ding Da (name spelt according to the pronunciation) was born in Jianpan village, one of just a handful of small Tibetan communities within the Jiuzhaigou National park.

  • Jiuzhai Valley on foot

    Nestled in the mountains of northern Sichuan, the Jiuzhai Valley is possibly one of China’s most picturesque landscapes.

  • Cecilia Chen: The traveler

    Cecilia Chen worked for ten years in public relations until one day she decided to give up her day job, pick up a camera and notepad and take to the road.

  • Above the rainforest

    Taking in the pristine Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort is unfortunately very much an endangered experience.

  • Jiuzhai Zhuoma beauty contest

    Ten finalists competed in the second Jiuzhai Zhuoma beauty contest that ran for more than 50 days across Sichuan's famous mountain region.

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