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  • Navy special - part 1: Life on the Peace Ark

    Life on a navy ship is tedious and exhausting. The path getting there has been filled with a lot of hard work, tears and laughter.

  • China’s Islands - Part 7: A Disappearing place

    Sanya is one of the three prefecture-level cities of Hainan and the southernmost city on the Chinese island. The city is renowned for its tropical climate and has emerged as a popular tourist destination.

  • China’s Islands - Part 6: Garden in the sea

    Gulangyu Island is 1.87 square kilometers in area and has around 20,000 inhabitants. Due to its rich history, there are many well preserved Chinese and European architectural styles amongst the buildings.

  • China’s Islands - Part 5: The green corner of Shanghai

    Lester Xu found his way to the growing island of Kaishan, a quiet spot hidden in the modern city.

  • China’s Islands - Part 4: A man and an island

    Multimedia journalist Lester Xu extended his reach to the abandoned island of Kaishan to explore the secret life of the remaining two island keepers.

  • China’s Islands - Part 3: The mark of a war

    Liugong Island is located in Weihai bay, about 2 nautical miles away from the nearest tourist dock of Weihai city. Since ancient times, Liugong island has been known as the "unsinkable battleship".

  • China’s Islands - Part 2: Fishing

    Changhai County is located in the north of the Yellow Sea, to the east of Liaodong Peninsula. It is the only island county in Northeast China, and also the only island county bordering China. Because of rich shallow water resources, it gives a good foundation for the development of Marine aquaculture on Dachangshan Island. ...

  • China's islands - Infographic

    Multimedia journalist Lester Xu leads you through various culture and the natural island world toward the ultimate discovery - that how human activity is altering the dynamics and functioning of the Island system to a degree never seen before.

  • Wild Beijing – part 8: Huang shu lang

    The narrow alleyways of Beijing's hutongs come alive at night. But there is another hutong inhabitant roaming the streets looking for a late night snack. The yellow weasel or Huang-shu-lang in Chinese is native to Beijing.

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