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  • Heart of a city

    Every city has areas that shine for a few decades and then fade away but none so visible as Shantou. In the 1930’s a new commercial district was built with a new shinny department store at its heart. Streets radiated in every direction full of shops and small markets. It stayed the epicenter of this thriving port city until the local government rebuilt the ...

  • Magic Jockey

    Since joining the Hong Kong Jockey Club in late 2013, Moreira has a winning strike rate of about 23.5 per cent. Many Chinese punters believe life is based on luck. To them, the 31-year-old Brazilian is their golden cat. He tilts the odds in their favour.

  • A second chance for the drug offenders

    Dr. Alman Chan, principal of the Christian Zheng Sheng College, is trying to give teenagers who have strayed into drug addiction a second chance.

  • Parkour up

    Inspired by the spirit of parkour in the 2001 film 'Yamakasi', a group of Hong Kong youth started to build their own community and grew up supporting each other.

  • Dragon boat festival buzz

    Dragon Boat Festival, or Duanwu, is one of the three most important traditional Chinese festivals, the other two being the Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn.

  • Navy special - part 5: Responding to Typhoon Haiyan

    China Daily reporter Peng Yining was on board the Chinese hospital ship Peace Ark which went to the Philippines for a disaster relief mission. The ship’s emergency surgeon Chen Ruifeng shared his stories of working and living in the typhoon damaged area with the reporter.

  • Navy special - part 4: Fun times aboard the Peace Ark

    Most people join the navy to see the world, but seeing the world is just a small part of the four-month deployment. Although the space and equipment was limited, people found their own way to relax.

  • Navy special - part 3: Choosing a sailor's life

    In 2011, the PLA navy recruited 20 female Uygurs for the first time in its history. Three of the women were deployed on the Chinese hospital ship Peace Ark, which was on a 124-day voyage around South Asia, providing free medical services.

  • Navy special - part 2: Three sailors

    China Daily reporter Peng Yining was on board the Chinese hospital ship Peace Ark for a four-month mission visiting eight countries around Asia, providing free medical services.

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