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  • Tailored to local taste

    Theme parks have to be culturally relevant to the market they serve. Departing CEO Tom Mehrmann of Hong Kong's Ocean Park explains.

  • Down to a fine art

    The rise of China as an economic power over the last 10 years has also seen the rise of Chinese contemporary art and investors, which has had a knock-on effect around the region.

  • Fire Dragon in Pokfulam village

    The Pokfulam Village Annual Fire Dragon Festival was held on the night of September 27, 2015. In joint with the Hong Kong Conservancy Association and Long Valley Eco Paddy, Pokfulam villagers and volunteers crafted the dragon with the grasses from the first batch of harvest from the local eco farm. ...

  • Labor after labor: Hong Kong's breastfeeding dilemma

    In this episode of Hong Kong Enquirer, Andrea Deng looks into why it is difficult for Hong Kong working mums to continue breastfeeding their children after they return to the workplace.

  • Singing for the children left behind

    Tens of thousands of women from Southeast Asia come to Hong Kong to work as domestic helpers, in order to support their families and give their children a better future.

  • Monkeys under Control

    In Hong Kong, growing populations and frequent aggressive encounters between monkeys and human beings have made the governement intervene with a programme to control the numbers. That’s when the agriculture fisheries and conservation department decided to go ahead with a sterilization program.

  • When the gates of hell open

    This year, on August 28th - the 15th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar - it is Yu Lan festival in Hong Kong, also known as Hungry Ghost Festival. It’s believed that, after the gates of hell open, wandering ghosts roam the human world. To keep the ghosts appeased, people make fires, burn offering, prepare food and organise operas. ...

  • Wonderland in the deep

    For more than 10 years, John Ng has been diving in the waters around Hong Kong and overseas creating amazing snapshots of the extraordinary sea life and animals underneath.

  • Organic Wordplay

    Organic food consumption in Hong Kong is on the rise. Some supermarkets saw as much as a double digit year-on-year growth in organic food sales. But Hong Kong’s regulations on labelling are confusing, sometimes making it impossible to tell what is genuinely organic.

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