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  • "Diaoyu Islands, The Truth" released in LA

    A documentary tracing the history of the Diaoyu Islands has been released in Los Angeles, United States.

  • THE WEEK April 11: No more selfies

    The White House said selfies might no longer be allowed with President Obama.

  • Where qipao is still in vogue

    When Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai's movie, In the Mood for Love, hit the big screens in 2000, the 20-some pieces of qipao presented by the leading actress, Maggie Cheung, inevitably made the scene. Has it ever made you wonder where to find something as graceful and gorgeous? At Ruifuxiang, you may get your answer. ...

  • Seychelles welcome Chinese tourists

    The Seychelles has 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean. The country is an ideal destination for travelers to appreciate teeming wild life and sweeps of white sand.

  • Forum leader talks China-EU ties

    Dr Franz Fischler, head of one of Europe's most important intellectual gatherings, explains the benefits of the 2014 Boao Forum underway in South China.

  • Terror of the Thai-Burma railway

    Many people have saluted a World War II veteran after he wrote to China’s ambassador to the United Kingdom to reveal his harrowing experience at the hands of the Japanese military. Fred Seiker, who is 98 years old and lives in Worcester, England, saw an article by Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming in The Daily Telegraph about Japan's refusal to face up to ...

  • Pu'an tea culture steeped in time

    The unique and ancient tea tree, known as Camellia tetracocca Zhang, is found only in Pu'an county, Guizhou province.

  • THE WEEK April 4: Alright alright alright

    Anti-Grand Theft Auto politician arrested for GTA style crimes.

  • Love in the air

    Romance is literally in the air these days at China World Summit Wing, Beijing as the capital's tallest hotel stages its second annual Love in the Air wedding fair on March 31.

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