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  • Demands for Chinese investment in Bulgaria soars

    Visiting Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Economy and Energy Mr Krassin Dimitrov introduced business opportunities for Chinese investors in Bulgaria.

  • Danish Queen started off a five-day state visit

    The Danish Queen started off a five-day state visit to China on April 24, leading a delegation with four ministers and five vice ministers.

  • THE WEEK April 25: Unbellieber-able

    Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber is in the headlines again after creating a stir in Japan. Bieber took a series of photos of himself standing in Japan’s Yasukuni shrine paying his respects to the enshrined. While a seemingly innocuous visit, the shrine in particular that the Biebs visited was THE Yasukuni shrine, the shrine that houses 14 class A war ...

  • Restored to glory

    Hundreds of film fans gathered in Beijing on Tuesday to partake in the come back of a classic Chinese film.

  • China's culture in a cup

    History, tradition and nature are all blended together in Chinese tea, making it one of the country's most important and iconic products.

  • THE WEEK April 18: Days of future past

    Burger King's new beverage suffers from its odd name, a name that relates to something unpleasant.

  • Half my life in China

    Frances Fremont-Smith, known in Chinese as Fan Wanzhen, came to China in 1978. After finishing her course work at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she decided to stay in China rather than go home.

  • Russia and China celebrate Yuri Gagarin

    A cheerful crowd of several hundred Chinese and Russians turned out on the weekend in Beijing to celebrate Yuri Gagarin, the first human to reach outer space and orbit the Earth.

  • Hope runs high at Career Day

    Hundreds of job seekers flocked to Beijing’s Kempinski Hotel to take the first step to a new and fruitful future.

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