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THE WEEK March 25: iPear6

Updated: 2016-03-25
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)


Has this incident ever happened to you? Ok, so you order something online and when it arrives, it's not exactly what was listed…or the photo doesn't match the final product. Well it hasn't happened to me yet, but it did happen to this Chinese woman. Zhao from Wuxi in China's beautiful Jiangsu province was all excited when her new iPhone 6 finally arrived. She quickly opened up the package and realized it was Apple's new product… THE IPEAR 6! No, Apple is not making an iPear, this is clearly a scam. But how did we get here? Ok, this is what happened, and you're not going to believe this, but stick with me. At first, Zhao never received her iPhone. Zhao contacted the seller and that's when she received her first dose of bad news. Her "iphone 6 was confiscated by customs, and to retrieve it she would have to pay an additional $772". And guess what, she did! She forked over the extra cash and that's when the iPear6 was sent. The seller then blacklisted Zhao and ran away with her $1,300. Poor Zhao, she'll never get that money back.

Change the way you are

Speaking of getting money back, "here you go bank, take all these coins back! We Don't Want Them!" That’s what this Chinese woman said when she pulled up to a bank with a pickup truck full of coins and dumped them on the front steps. It was this businesswoman's last choice. After being denied by every other bank in town, the kind manager at the Agricultural and Commercial Bank in Dongyang city told the staff to pick up the coins and start counting. A whopping $83,000 in coins! But that's not all, the woman decided to give the bank a break, you see in total, she had $246,000 in change. That's a lot of change. The craziest part about this story is how she came up with the $246,000 in change. The woman's husband runs a firm in the city and coins were paid to them by a bus company who owed them money after not paying back a loan. Here's some advice for the husband going forward, the next time you give someone a loan, please make sure they don't own a vending machine company. It will "change" the way you receive your money.

Let me take a selfie

We've all seen the story of Chinese tourists in foreign countries causing somewhat of a scene. For example, just recently, Chinese tourists in Thailand absolutely destroyed a buffet restaurant when they rushed the shrimp section causing a chaotic scene. Yeah, that happened. Well we are going to twist things up here, how about Chinese tourists traveling within China causing somewhat of a scene. Ahhh beautiful Nanjing. Such a great city blessed by mother nature with it's gorgeous cherry trees. Well….. leave it up to this Chinese granny to show up and ruin it for everyone! This granny wanted to take a selfie with the cherry tree so in front of everyone she decided to go ahead and climb the tree wearing six inch heels and a mini skirt? Ok then. Chinese netizens were pissed! Someone on weibo posted a comment saying, "So, in the year of the monkey everyone turns into a monkey?" . Aww that's not very nice. Ok ok one more, someone else said, "Will they feel ashamed for their uncivilized behavior?". Come on guys, be nice! The woman just wanted a selfie.


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