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THE WEEK Mar 18: Need some air

Updated: 2016-03-18
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Women's Day, Bra!
Happy women's day to all the female viewers, now I know women's day was March 8th, so I might not have been QUICK enough to send my regards; but nevertheless, we start our show with a contest in China that combined both women's day and quickness. A shopping mall in Liuzhou city celebrated women's day by hosting the first annual (I guess it's annual) bra unbuckling contest. Wait a minute, a bra unbuckling contest to celebrate women's day. Yes sir! I mean… Yes women! So the mall hired six models to stand there in their bra and panties while random contestants raced to see who can unbuckle the six bra straps the quickest. Two questions were left unanswered, the first was nobody knows what the prize or who the winner was. Second, it's uncertain whether or not the models had set up boobie traps prior to the contest. Anyways… happy women's day!

Need some air
Call it a déjà vu, call is a familiar situation, or simply call it "we've seen this story too many times in China!" A man lucky enough to snatch the emergency seat with the extra leg room does the unthinkable, or so we thought. This Chinese man at Chengdu airport was in his seat waiting to take off when he decided to roll down the window of his airplane to get some fresh air. That's right; he "roll down the window" by turning the emergency door handle and poof! The door swings wide open right before takeoff. The China Southern flight bound for Urumqi, Xinjiang in north-west China was delayed for around an hour as cabin crew closed the door and waited for a new departure slot. But hey, at least we know these emergency doors work, right? Right…..?

Making it Burger
Finally, we end today's program with some breaking news that's going to send butterflies to your stomach. The world's biggest McDonald's is shutting down! But don't worry burger lovers; they just want to make it bigger! The 12,000-square-foot location in Orlando, Florida is in the process or turning into a 19,000-square-foot McDonald's. That's a lot of Big Macs! The old restaurant was famously shaped like a box of french fries; no word yet on if the new one is going to be shaped like something off their "more healthy" menu, like the McSoup or the McSalad Shakers. Many people are anticipating the opening of this new McDonalds for a date night happy meal… hey it could be love at first bite! I'm loving it!


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