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THE WEEK March 4: O...scar

Updated: 2016-03-04
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)


We start our show today with the biggest entertainment event of the year, The Oscars. And what a night it was for Leonardo DiCaprio who finally got his Oscar for best lead actor after being nominated six times. The actor celebrated his historic night at a restaurant in West Hollywood where he was seen smoking his vaporizer, which is much better for the environment than the old fashioned cigarette, and drinking some champagne before busting out a smooth head bobbing victory dance. His after party was so fun that he forgot what he was even there for, the Oscar!! Leo was seen leaving the restaurant empty handed, but nevertheless, his Oscar was rescued and delivered to his car right before he left. Alright Leo, go back to your tropical islands with the dozens of exotic supermodels. What? I'm not jealous.

Wrong tweet

Total Beauty is a media website company based out of LA that offers news and reviews on celebrities. They are a big player in the market with venture capitalists backing them up. But during the Oscars, they made their biggest mistake ever when they tweeted this photo of "Oprah" … Ok here's the problem…. THAT'S NOT OPRAH! - It's comedian Woopi Goldberg! Woopi is quite famous; she's appeared in many featured films and on daytime talk shows. How can Total Beauty mix up the two? I mean they don't look that much alike… ok maybe a little… Ok not at all! Anyways, Total Beauty apologized for its mishap and donated $10,000 to a charity favored by the two stars. Well that's nice…

Pork for you

We end today's show with news from China, where a middle school is giving out awards to their top students. That's a good thing, right? Well what kind of awards are they giving out? How about a nice plastic bag full of pork! That's right folks, some fresh pork in a bag. Got an A? Here's some pork. Finished your homework? Pork in a bag! The top 45 students at Shiqiaotou Town Middle School in Zhejiang province took home pork for their academic achievements. The top students received 2.5 kilograms of pork while the second tier received only 1.5 kilograms of pork. The pork is sure to turn these smart students into strong young professionals who will be able to defend themselves with a classic kung fu move, the "pork chop".


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