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THE WEEK Feb 26: The guard dog

Updated: 2016-02-26
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Save my iPhone

Our first story today concerns the iPhone, and to be more specific, the iphone 5. But this special iPhone5 holds a strong value for this Chinese woman in Beijing. The woman and her iphone5 took a trip down to Longtan Park when all of a sudden one of them fell into a lake. Luckily for the woman it was her iPhone5 that was the victim plugging to its death in the freezing cold water-that's about two-meters deep. We thought that was the end of the iPhone5, but the woman did not give up so easily. She leaped into the water, fully clothed, destined to rescue the iphone5. And guess what… SHE FOUND IT! Unfortunately, do the severe coldness of the water, the iPhone5 shrunk into what appears to be an iPhone4.

Funeral when you are alive

In Shandong province, a 66-year-old man who never married or had any kids is feeling lonely… really? But this guy has done some great things for his community; he funded the construction of a road that provides easier access for villagers to get to and from the markets. This is a good man, but a very, very lonely man. So much so that he wondered "If he dies, would anyone even show up to his funeral". Well his curiosity got the best of him when he decided to spend just over $2,000 to stage his own death-inviting everyone to his funeral just to see how many people would go. Around 40 friends and relatives showed up along with people who were just stopping by to see what was going on. One person was quoted as saying, "what a waste of money, he should have donated it instead." Nevertheless, the Chinese man will go to sleep happy knowing that people actually do care about him.

The guard dog

And finally, a guard dog in a Michigan airport has been circulating the web do to his oh-so-cool image. K9-Piper is his name, and he is tasked with keeping the runways and taxiways free of wildlife due to the fact that… well…. Wild animals and airplanes are just not a good mix. But working in an airport is no easy task, especially in the field. So while the dog is on duty he wears some special customized equipment that makes him look like a boss! K9-Piper works four - ten hour shifts - and while working at the airport, we are sure he receives a steep discount on flights allowing him to travel the world. Cool job, dog.


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