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THE WEEK Feb 19: Wildest adventure in SH

Updated: 2016-02-19
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Take it off

I hope everyone had an excellent Chinese New Year, and an even better valentine's day. Now through the years, Valentine's Day has become more and more popular in China. Chinese people use February 14th to express their love to whoever it is they have a crush on. Well this fourth year university student in China took it a little too far when he expressed his love for his teacher. That's right his teacher. Now this might sound like a pure fantasy, but his fantasy turned into a reality. And sometimes, the reality of love can hurt. When the unnamed student opened his heart to his teacher, the teacher shut him down causing him to not only cry, but well,just watch the video. Yes that's right, he rolled around the street naked to protest his love. With that type of action, the girls must be lining up for this guy. I mean, his dedication to love is extraordinary. The passion, the relentlessness, is the teacher missing out? Anyways, this guy is destined to find his true love, in fact, I've got the perfect match for him.

Coolest cat on earth

The coolest story spreading across the internet this week features the coolest cat in the world. This cat, named bagel, was born without eyelids. Instead of complaining about her rare disease, she walks around like a boss in her custom fitted kitty cat sunglasses. When asked what her favorite color of sunglasses were, Bagel responded"Purple" - adding that she wears the cool looking shades 100 percent of the time she goes out. That's pretty cool, and there's no doubt that this little kitty cat is attracting the male cats, but when asked if she had a hot date for valentines day, she said, "I never his and tell".

Wildest adventure in SH

Finally, we end today's show with a Shanghai shopping mall that built a six story slide going from the top floor to the bottom. Awesome! Who likes taking those long escalators or waiting for the elevators that take forever when you can just slide down to the first floor in sixteen seconds! How can this be a bad idea? Well, Chinese netizens are scared for their lives! They've never seen such a big slide before. One commenter on China's Sina Weibo said "How will you be able to slow down near the end? Will you shoot out and fall to your death?". Username Xiarichuzhan said, "Once you're done sliding down such a long slide wouldn't your trousers be worn out and torn?". But the scariest comment of all came from another user who said, "What if someone stuck knives inside. What would happen then?" - This is supposed to be a fun slide! I don't know where these people come up with this stuff. But anyways, the show must go on, and if you're brave enough to test the slide, make your way to Shanghai's Printemps Department Store on February 22nd where you can try it for yourself.


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