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THE WEEK Feb 5: Spring Festival travel rush

Updated: 2016-02-06
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Bee a man

While it is the year of the monkey in China, there won't be no monkeying around in this story. Bee ready because you're not going to bee-lieve what you are about to hear.

A Chinese man spent his entire life training for a shot at a Guinness world record. That's right, a Guinness world record, for what you ask? Having the most bees cover your entire body. Yeah, apparently that's a thing. And Ruan Liangming did it. Thanks to an Italian television show who assisted him in dumping half a million bees over his head. Apparently this is a big thing in China. The previous record holder for most bees covering his body is also Chinese, and probably Mr. Ruan's archenemy. How do you really train for this stuff? Apparently Mr. Ruan was stung nearly 2,000 times. Ouch! Was it because he ate too much WasaBEE before the event? Who knows... Anyways Mr. Ruan got his award, he Bee-came a world record holder, so now he can buzz off!

Spring Festival travel rush

It's Chinese New Near! Ahh yes, the one time of the year in China where 2.91 billion trips are taken over the holiday's 40-day travel season. Every year there seems to be some crazy travel story that circulates the web, every city in China hopes it's not coming from them. This year's lucky city was Guangzhou. Sorry guys… The beautiful city in South China's Guangdong province experienced a slight delay on Monday morning. But that delay just kept spreading and spreading until Tuesday lunch time where 170,000 people were surrounding the train station trying to get in. Just so you guys know, this is the old Guangzhou station frequently used by the migrant workers looking to go home for the Spring Festival. Looking for a more comfortable ride with fewer delays? Try Guangzhou's new High Speed Train Station. Or better yet…

Flight just for u

Do what this Chinese woman from Wuhan did. She arrived at the Wuhan airport on Sunday only to find out her flight had been delayed without any idea of when it's supposed to depart. So she waited, and waited, and waited until Monday morning, ten hours after her initial departing time. Finally someone asked her if she was ready to board. The woman entered the plane destined for Guangzhou but realized that everyone else had given up, or taken another flight. So she was the only one on the plane! The woman said she felt "filthy rich" thinking the passenger plane with no one on it is like a private jet. Hmmm… I private jet with a ten hour delay? I don't think so….


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