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THE WEEK Jan 22: CAT-astrophy

Updated: 2016-01-22
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Stop, drop, and roll

Our first story comes to you from just outside a McDonald's in Hangzhou. And before I tell you the rest keep in mind that Chinese woman are very strong people. They have these magical powers that can make you do anything. For example: Take a look at what this Chinese woman made her boyfriend do. So after her boyfriend spilled her McDonald's coffee, she makes him get on the ground and roll. Now we are not sure if the man is being hypnotized or not, but we assume that this Chinese woman has some sort of super power that can make men do anything. Good stuff!


It was a busy week in Hangzhou. we can't confirm that this was the same guy who spilled the McDonald's coffee, but nevertheless, a Hangzhou man sacrificed his half-a-million dollar Lamborghini for the life of a precious like kitty. The 20 year old driver was cruising down the freeway late at night in his slick Lamborghini when suddenly a cat came out of nowhere and jumped in front of his car causing him to crash and burn the car that he says,"wasn't even his". Yikes! Now the whole cat story is nothing but allegations at this point. But Traffic police are still investigating whether of not the accident was caused by excessive speeding … In a Lamborghini? Come on … or … had something to do with alcohol. Now if anyone in Hanzhou saw this cat in the middle of the night crossing the road, please contact your local authorities before it turns into a REAL CAT-ASTROPHY!

Yuan for the money

And finally, with the recent hiccups in the Chinese stock market, it's important for China and its people to keep a strong RMB. Except for this 85-year-old, he doesn't even care about money. This Chinese wanted to teach his children that money doesn't mean anything. The man turned his words into actions when he decided to shred about $20,000 worth of Chinese Yuan banknotes. The Liaoning family was devastated, they couldn't take staring at this shredded money any longer so they decided to put it together Yuan by Yuan. With over a billion people living in China, this lesson from a unique Chinese father might just be Yuan in a billion!


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