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Top gamers take titles at WCA Championship

Updated: 2015-12-23
By Zhang Xiao (chinadaily.com.cn)

The WCA (World Cyber Arena) 2015 grand finals, an international esports event showing the Chinese esports dream to the world, wrapped up in Yinchuan, northwest China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region on Sunday. A total of 512 gamers from 32 countries and regions contested for the championships on this international stage.

Moon (Korea), SKY (China), Secret (Europe), Kolento (Ukraine), Lifecoach (Germany), Firebat (US), Cloud9 (US), NaVi (Ukraine), HellRaisers (Russia) and more top teams and gamers were invited to the WCA 2015 Grand Finals. Chinese celebrities, including Angelababy, Jolin Tsai, and Wilber Pan, performed at the opening and closing ceremonies.

WCA 2015 is an international esports tournament that aims to grow in reach, size, and spectacle every year. It wants to host players with the most passion and drive for the game. By inviting players from over 32 countries and regions, WCA ensures that the competition on display is fierce and unrelenting. From its inception, WCA was envisioned with the following ideal: “Hero’s Arena, Player’s Dreamland.” This slogan represents the dreams and vision of all esports competitors. To be the very best is the ultimate goal for these players and WCA 2015 wants to make that a reality. In order to meet this goal, WCA has deployed globalization strategies that have pushed the tournament’s presence across four continents. In the United States at E3 and Times Square, New York, and at The Game Show in Cologne, Germany. WCA is dedicated to showing the world China’s energy and esports vibrancy.

Throughout this year's event, WCA catered not just to professional players, but also amateur players from colleges and universities, and any other young audiences. The WCA tournaments fully meet the requirements of different levels of players, making the appeal and charm of e-sports available to everyone. WCA hosts a variety of games, allowing the organization to cater to all sorts of viewers and players, including Doudizhu interactive experience zone players. This on-site experience includes the fast rhythm of six competitions and provides viewers with the chance of winning a prize. Enjoying both watching and playing esports is the original and ongoing intention of WCA.

“WCA plans to penetrate the esports industry into China’s mass culture,” said Li Yanfei, WCA chief planner. “Not only in China, we hope to promote WCA into more global markets next year.”

Teaming up with popular icons is a crucial step, and WCA has partnered with the goddess, Angelababy. With her as WCA’s spokesperson and lead performer, the strategy of fusing entertainment and esports becomes clear: it allows the esports and entertainment industries to join together with a positive energy, and with WCA at their center.

Founded in 2014, WCA is hosted by the municipal government of the city of Yinchuan and Yinchuan International Game Investment Co. Ltd. WCA devotes itself to promoting esports events and the esports industry by hosting international events for PC games, and games on mobile devices and webpages, by training professional gamers, and by sponsoring professional gamers’ clubs. WCA’s permanent home is Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China.

Video provided to China Daily Website.

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