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THE WEEK Dec 18: Meow Mayor

Updated: 2015-12-18
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Meow Mayor
The temperature is getting cold here in Beijing so it's only right that we begin our broadcast with news from west Siberia, where the city of Barnaul, which is a very cold city. Anyways the city of Barnaul polled their citizens on the upcoming mayoral election and guess what, the people have spoken! Barsik the cat leads the way with 91.2 percent of the votes. If you think Barsik the cat is a strange name, it's probably because Barsik is a cat. For the past five years, the people of Barnaul have not elected a mayor themselves, rather it was appointed from central government. And after their previous mayor resigned due to a massive corruption scheme, the people of Barnaul want the nice image of Barsik the cat to represent the future head of the city…. You have got to be KITTEN me… get it? Kitten…

5k taxi
Women's tennis superstar Serena Williams hosted her own 5K marathon in Miami, Florida. Williams was named the Sportsperson of the year by Sports Illustrated magazine so completing a 5K marathon shouldn't be a problem right? Wrong! In the middle of the marathon, Williams was seen catching a taxi that would eventually take her directly to the finish line. You have to credit Williams for two things: 1. that she cheated in her own charity marathon, that's brave, and 2. with the popularity of Uber, Williams still elects to take a regular taxi cab. Good for you Serena, good for you!

Chinese"Peng-Ci" woman
A man was driving his car in Wuhan (a city in China) when he suddenly saw an old Chinese guy walking along the side of the road waiting for his car to approach. As the car got closer, the man acted even more bizarre. Finally, the driver realized this is no man but an old Chinese grandma who was planning a fake road accident. The car stopped within ten meters of the grandma who was looking for nothing more than a little extortion money.

When the accident never took place, it caused an awkward series of events with both the driver and the disgruntled grandma staring back and forth at each other. This happens all of the time in China because as the "victim" you're almost guaranteed some money, and as the driver, you would rather pay the "victim" $20 than going through police and insurance companies who almost always side with the poor old grandma. These grandmas really need to stay off the streets and stay in the parks where their dance routines are always welcomed.


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