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THE WEEK Oct 16: Something long and complicated

Updated: 2015-10-16
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Long and complicated
First up, Something Long and Complicated. No, not the story, the name, it's something long and complicated… Let me back up a bit. In 2007, a man in London named William Wood decided he wanted something a little more, well, long, and complicated, for his name and so he changed it to just that, "Mr Something Long and Complicated". Somewhat surprisingly, he didn't run into too much trouble with his new name until his Facebook account was closed, the social network somewhat disbelieving that his name could be so Long… and complicated. Mr Complicated went through a series of, long and complicated measures but did manage to get his account back online. He was relieved to regain access to his Facebook account because there were precious photos of his wedding on there, with his beautiful bride, who by all accounts is short and easy.

The bridal selfie
Speaking of brides, there is a new must have fashion accessory for weddings this year, the bridal selfie stick. Sure, you may be paying big money for a professional photographer on your big day, but how can you be sure you get that duck face pout exactly right if you can't do 6 or 7 different versions between uttering the words "I" and "do"? The bedazzled selfie sticks are the work of high end bridal label Reem Acra expect to see them at a nuptials near you soon.

Hazing in the skies
There has been outrage and mild surprise on the Chinese internet this week, like every week really. What has recently gotten netizen's hot under the collar, however, are pictures of flight attendants on Kunming Airlines being shoved into overhead compartments. This is apparently done as some sort of hazing ritual at the airline. Here at The Week we obviously do not condone such behaviour but we will point out that it's not quite as bad as what British Prime Minister David Cameron is rumoured to have done as part of a hazing ritual in university, in which he was forced to place a piece of his anatomy inside a dead pig. Let's just all agree that hazing rituals should involve nothing more outrageous than running down the main street of your town. Naked. And covered in shaving cream, ok?

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