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Xi's choice of comfort food

Updated: 2015-09-21
By (chinadaily.com.cn)

On Dec 28, 2013, Chinese president Xi Jinping walked into Qingfeng restaurant in western Beijing and, after waiting in line, ordered steamed buns, pig innard soup, and stir-fried vegetables for about $3.50. After paying in cash, Xi enjoyed his meal at a communal table and chatted with customers.

The images took by on-looking eaters quickly went viral on Chinese social media. Many lauded the president as “calm” and “low-key.”A production company even created a music video about Xi’s choice of comfort food.

The next day, customers flocked to the same restaurant, and, after braving a line that snaked out the door, ordered the exact VP Combo their president had eaten.

Back in 2011, vice-president of United States, Joe Baiden visited a small Beijing restaurant Yaoji Chaogan. The family-run eatery is a stew made with pig liver, intestines and lungs, but that Biden stuck with pork buns, noodles and cucumber.

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