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THE WEEK July 3: Love wins

Updated: 2015-06-30
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Love wins
Last week marked a historic moment in the United States when the country's supreme court ruled that gay marriage was legal in every state of the union. People around the globe celebrated the win for equality and the Internet exploded in a huge rainbow of happiness. President Barack Obama signaled his support for the supreme court decision by having the White House lit up in multi-colored lights and companies across the US gave themselves a rainbow makeover to mark the occasion. From the TV show Game of Thrones to the credit card company Visa, everyone seemed to want to associate their brand with the win for love. Even soccer star David Beckham, who is famously married to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, got in on the action.

Beer in the office
A college graduate has built an office using empty beer bottles, proving you can drink your way through college and sill be OK. Li Rongjun spent about five months constructing the 29 square meters' space in an abandoned tile factory. The graduate from the Inner Mongolia University of Science and Technology used 8,500 empty beer bottles to construct his office. We can only assume he is currently planning a storage space built out of empty crisp packets.

Selfie wars
Another shot has been fired in the global selfie war with Disneyland banning selfie sticks at their park in Hong Kong and the yet-to-open park in Shanghai. Disney say they had to introduce the ban after people started smuggling the sticks onto ride, forcing roller coasters and other attractions to be shut down. How should the selfie stick welding hordes respond? Well, as Disney's Elsa might say, just let it go.


Director: Lin Hanqing Graphic Design: Zhang Xiao
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