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THE WEEK June 26: Beancurd beefcake

Updated: 2015-06-26
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Beancurd beefcake
Is there such thing as a sexy job? Firemen are sexy, pool cleaners are sexy, multi-millionaire playboys are sexy, but what about beancurd sellers? Chinese netizen's got a little hot and heavy recently when pictures of a particularly attractive beancurd seller in Taiwan went viral on the Chinese Internet. It did not take long before modeling photos of Chen Yiting were dug up and stared to do the rounds online proving that he really is a hunk of--beancurd.

I ain't no drop
Don't you hate it when you have errands to run, things to do but you're hooked up to an IV drip? A man in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province surnamed Wu was not going to let the fact he was hooked up to a piece of medical equipment get in his way. Police pulled Wu over on the highway when he was doing 80 km an hour with a metal pole sticking out of the window. He was also on his cell phone. But don't worry, Wu assured the officers there was no danger because he was "very good at multi-tasking". Police told him he would have to add paying a 50 yuan fine to his myriad of tasks. Wu also had four points deducted from his driver's license.

Best foot forward
Teenagers around the country have been putting their best foot forward for the notoriously tough Gaokao examinations in recent weeks, but one student more than most. Peng Chao, who lost his arms as a child not only sat the Gaokao using only his feet, but scored 603 points, meaning he will be able to apply for some of the China's top universities. His dream is to study civil engineering and we wish his all the best.


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