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Brighter futures at 4000 meters

Updated: 2015-06-18
By Lin Hanqing (chinadaily.com.cn)

Students studying at the Sela Hope School in Daocheng county, Sichuan province were surprised by the advanced technology as a new computer lab and mini library opened at their school on June 9th. At their first computer lesson, students got a chance to talk to Yao Ming via the internet.

The school is located 4,000 meters above sea level. As the infrastructure of the school still needed to be rennovated, the high altitude brought a few difficulties in regards to the preparation and construction of the computer lab.

The brand new computer lab contains more than twenty computers and a projector, while 3,000 books fill the shelves in the mini library. All computers and books were donated by Marriott International and the Yao Foundation, and it is the second of the two organizations' seven school projects.

Angwang Pengcuo, president of the school, says the training of the teachers is underway, and that each of the 180 students will have one to two computer lessons every week.

Video: Lin Hanqing

Producer: Flora Yue

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