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THE WEEK Apr 10: Creepy hero kungfu

Updated: 2015-04-10
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Hello and welcome to another fascinating installment of China Daily's The Week. This episode, we bring you a look at the creepy side of tomb sweeping, kung fu rugby, and Big Hero 6 in Beijing.

Scary stuff
During the recent Tomb Sweeping holiday, China Central Television, aka CCTV, released a public service announcement warning men to think of their families before doing anything "stupid". Well the video had a super creepy overtone and was picked up online. People started mocking the video. In an unrelated event, a young boy scared and literally made his parents crazy after he set fire to 5000 yuan ($800) for the Tomb Sweeping holiday ritual.

Kung Fu Rugby
Sure, the Hong Kong Seven's ruby event has come to an end but hey, the videos are still popping up. One of the hottest videos right now is like something taken straight out of a Stephen Chow movie, kung fu Rugby. Supposed kung fu masters took to the pitch to present how ancient Chinese butt-kicking techniques can be applied to sports.

Is that you Baymax?
Despite being taken off theaters already, the Disney animated film, Big Hero Six, is incredibly popular in China. The movie's biggest supporting character, Baymax, has drawn the love and adoration of many Chinese, so much so that people dress up as Baymax to propose for marriage. Some artists in the Chinese capital have even taken to turning the city's decrepit and outdated payphone booths into Baymax booths.

Director: Sun Tianyuan Graphic Design: Zhang Xiao
Videographer: Wang Yuxi Managing Producer: Andrew Xing
Producer: Eric Jou Executive Producer: Flora Yue
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